Welcome to the Shaw ThinkTank Frequently Asked Questions. With the end goal to better serve our customers, Shaw ThinkTank is a means of better understanding the needs of our customers.

Shaw ThinkTank Frequently Asked Questions

Review our FAQs to learn more about ShawThinkTank.

What is Shaw ThinkTank?
Shaw ThinkTank is our new insight community, that includes our current customers. Members of Shaw ThinkTank (Shaw ThinkTankers) can provide their thoughts, opinions, and experiences on a variety of topics on a continual basis.

What is the purpose of Shaw ThinkTank?
To ensure our customers are at the center of our business and the decisions we make.

How many people are in Shaw ThinkTank?
Up to 15,000 members.  Currently, we are still recruiting.

Who can participate?
Anyone who is a Shaw residential customer.  Currently, it’s on an invite-only basis.

If I decide to participate, what am I expected to do?
Participate in various activities that ask for your feedback on a variety of topics.  We ask that you provide your honest feedback, good or bad.

What types of activities will Shaw ThinkTankers be asked to do?
They will be asked to participate in different activities related to product development, branding, concept testing, customer service, user experience, value perception and more.

How are activities sent out from Shaw ThinkTank?
Emails will be sent to the customers’ email.  It will be sent from support@shawthinktank.com.
How often will Shaw ThinkTankers be asked to participate in activities?
On average, 2 activities per month will go out, but it’s up to the members if they want to participate or not.

How will my feedback be used?
Your feedback will be analyzed collectively with all the feedback from other members to inform on current state and future business decisions.

Are there any incentives for participating?
Yes, for every activity that they’ve chosen to participate in, they will get one entry into the monthly draw for 1 of the 3 chances to win a $250 cash prize.

Sign Up Process

How do I sign up?
Click on the link found in the original email invitation.

Why am I being asked my ethnicity in order to sign up?
We want to better understand our customers with different cultural backgrounds and how their needs for products and services may differ, and how we can better serve them.

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