This article will help you set up and activate your Shaw TV Player (DCX 3200-M or DCT 700) or HDPVR (DCX 3510-M or DCX 3400). If you are setting up a BlueCurve TV Player, click here.  Or if you are setting up a wireless 4K BlueCurve TV Player, click here.

If you get stuck or need help, you can chat with us at, by using the My Shaw app, or calling 1-844-574-7429. If assistance over chat or phone doesn't work, a technician will visit your home. 

What you’ll need

Along with your TV player and remote, you will need the following to complete your Self Connect.

Power cord.png
Coax cable.png

Set up your TV player

  1. Attach a coax cable from the coax wall outlet to the CABLE IN port on your TV player.
  2. Attach an HDMI cable from the player's HDMI port, to one of your TV’s open HDMI IN ports. Note the TV port’s name.
    • If you have a standard definition (SD) TV you will need to use composite (Red, Yellow, White) cables to connect your TV player to your TV.  Simply match the cable and TV port colours.
  3. Attach your player's power cord and plug it into an electrical outlet.
  4. Press the power button on the front of the TV player to turn it on.
  5. Turn on the TV and set it to display the HDMI (or SD) source selected in Step 2.

The next step is to activate your TV player. Scroll down for those instructions.

Activate your TV player

  1. Sign in to with your Shaw ID username and password. If you do not have one, learn how to create a new Shaw ID here.
  2. Click My Services and select TV from the dropdown menu
  3. Click Start Self-Install.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

The activation process will take approximately 10 minutes. During this time, various messages (eg. OCAP, APP, noIP, PSLd) may display on the front of your HD TV player.

You will know that the activation is complete when

  • the time is displayed, the player can be powered back on by pressing the power button, or by using the remote control (DCX 3510-M, DCX 3200-M, or DCX 3400).
  • or when, the amber light turns off (DCT 700), the player can be powered back on by pressing the power button on the remote control.

Frequently asked questions

How do I program my Shaw Universal Remote for my TV?
To program your Shaw Universal Remote to work with your TV, follow the Quick Setup instructions on the back of the remote, or visit the manufacturer's website at

Can I place my HD TV player out of sight?
If you want to keep your player out of sight (eg. in a cabinet or closet), plug the IR Receiver into the EXT IR IN port on the back of the player. Then place the IR Receiver where the remote’s signal will have a clear line of sight with the IR Receiver.  

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