This article will help you set up and activate your BlueCurve TV Player so you can start enjoying voice-powered TV. These instructions apply to the XG1v3 and XG1v4 models. If you have a Wireless 4K BlueCurve TV Player, click here.

If you need help, contact us at, using the My Shaw app, or by calling 1-844-574-7429.  If assistance over chat or phone doesn't work, a technician will visit your home. 

What you'll need

A remote, HDMI cable, power cord, and coax cable will be included with your TV player. If something is missing from your kit, let us know. A 2-way splitter is not included, but can be requested.

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Set up your TV Player

Please remove all plastic wrapping from your BlueCurve TV Player prior to installation.

  1. Attach a coax cable from the wall outlet to the CABLE IN port on your BlueCurve TV Player. If the coax outlet is already being used by your modem, you can use three coax cables and a splitter to connect both devices to the same outlet, as shown below.


  2. Turn on your TV.

  3. Attach an HDMI cable from your TV Player’s HDMI Out to TV port, to one of your TV’s open HDMI ports. Note the TV port’s name.

  4. Attach the power supply to the back of your BlueCurve TV Player, but do not plug it into an electrical outlet yet.

  5. Remove the plastic pull-tab from the back of your BlueCurve TV remote.

Next you'll need to activate your TV Player. Scroll down for instructions.

Activate your TV Player

  1. Contact us at, using the My Shaw app, or by calling 1-844-574-7429. Tell the agent that you would like to “activate a BlueCurve TV Player”.

  2. When asked, plug the TV Player’s power supply into an electrical outlet.

  3. A welcome message should appear on your TV within one minute. If it doesn’t, ensure that you set your TV to display the correct HDMI source for your TV Player as you selected during set up.

  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to choose your language, name your BlueCurve TV Player, and set up your BlueCurve TV remote.

  5. Within a few moments, you should see program listings.

To view and change your BlueCurve TV Player’s Settings, press the Shaw button on the TV Player’s remote control. 

Frequently asked questions

Where should I place my BlueCurve TV Player?
Place your BlueCurve TV Player in a visible, well-ventilated area near your TV, an electrical outlet, and a coax cable outlet. If you plan to hide the BlueCurve TV Player, wait until after it is activated.

How can I wire my modem and TV box to the same coax outlet?
If you have two devices that need to share the coax outlet, you’ll need a 2-way splitter and 3 coax cables. Attach one cable to the wall outlet and splitter port labelled IN. Attach each of the other two cables to an OUT splitter port, and then to your TV box and modem.


How do I use my BlueCurve TV voice-powered remote?
Press and hold the microphone button. When the word Listening appears onscreen, talk into your BlueCurve TV remote. Release the microphone button to submit your voice command.

How can I access my Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime Video accounts?
Press and hold the microphone button on your BlueCurve TV remote. Say either "Netflix", "YouTube" or "Prime Video" to open the app. You may need to follow on-screen instructions to sign into those services. 

How do I return my old equipment?
Please return your old equipment as soon as possible to avoid unreturned equipment charges.

  1. Place the equipment and power cord into a sturdy cardboard box. Ensure there is cushioning material around the TV player.
  2. Seal the box and affix the shipping label provided.
  3. Drop the box off at any Canada Post mailbox or outlet.

Hold on to the Canada Post tracking number from the shipping label or receipt, for future reference. The equipment will be properly recycled.

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