From accessing free movies to using the Voice Remote, BlueCurve TV provides Shaw customers with a great viewing experience. Use these video tips and tricks to improve your BlueCurve TV viewing experience. 


Did You Know

To access voice control from your BlueCurve TV Remote, press the Microphone Button button and use voice commands to find a program, recording or feature. You need to hold the button down the entire time while you are speaking in order for the voice commands to work.

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BlueCurve TV Tip: Restart without recording

Tuned into a movie or TV show midway through? Press the ‘info’ button on your remote and if that title is available on VOD, Shaw BlueCurve TV will let you restart the program from the beginning – even if you weren’t recording it.

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BlueCurve TV Tip: Deleting made easy

Discover how simple it is to delete your recorded programs on BlueCurve TV. While viewing your saved recordings list, press the D button on your remote to quickly delete a recording.

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BlueCurve TV Tip: Free Movies

Discover how easy it is to access free entertainment on your Shaw BlueCurve TV. Simply ask your BlueCurve TV remote for “Free Movies” and it will search live TV, recordings, and On Demand content, to populate your screen with all the free movies ready to watch right now.

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BlueCurve TV Tip: Lightning Mode

Discover how to quickly cue up any part of a show using the Shaw BlueCurve TV “lightning mode”. Simply use your remote and press the fast-forward button five times, and your BlueCurve TV will zip through any movie or TV show so you don’t waste time finding the scene you want to watch.

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BlueCurve TV Tip: Voice Remote

Discover all the ways your voice can control your Shaw BlueCurve TV remote. If searching for shows and actors with your voice wasn’t cool enough – you can also tell your BlueCurve TV to execute commands like ‘Open Recordings’ or ‘Put on the Blue Jays Game’, and much more.

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BlueCurve TV Tip: Access trending content

Looking for a new show or want to know what’s popular on TV right now? Your Shaw BlueCurve TV can tell you! Simply ask your remote “What’s trending?” and watch as your screen fills with the most watched and talked about shows and movies.

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BlueCurve TV Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips and tricks that you can try out with BlueCurve TV.


Page Up and Page Down skip length

Yous may adjust the Page Up and Page Down skip length on the BlueCurve TV remote. Note: Adjusting the skip length is not an officially supported BlueCurve TV feature and may not always work as expected.


Default skip length:

  • Live TV & PVR recordings: Skip 5 minutes forward or back
  • On Demand content: Skip 10 minutes forward or back


To adjust the skip length to 30 seconds:

  • Press EXIT - EXIT - EXIT - 0 - 0 - 3 - 0 on the BlueCurve TV remote
  • Adjusted skip length will be 30 seconds forward and 15 seconds back on Live TV, PVR recordings and On Demand content.


Song ID

  • Say “What song is this?” to find out what song is playing on anything (excluding Netflix)
  • Song ID can be used to identify songs on live TV, Stingray Music channels, recordings, On Demand, CraveTV, and even commercials. Song ID cannot be used in the Netflix app.
  • Learn more with: Song ID on BlueCurve TV


Netflix tips

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