Learn how to troubleshoot the issue where your TV is only accessing channels 2-13. If you are only able to access channels 2 through 13 on your television, it is possible that your TV is not currently set to properly tune the widest possible range of channels. Televisions that are using a direct analog connection (no Digital Box in use) need to be set to properly tune the correct range of channels for Shaw Cable television service.

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Ensuring the correct channel setting
  1. If you are only able to view channels 2-13, it is likely because your television is on its ANTENNA or UHF setting. This setting cannot receive all of the channels that Shaw offers
  2. Some televisions have to be told that they are connected to a cable service (as opposed to using an antenna). In the menu settings on your television, you should have the option of setting your TV to use CABLE or CATV or STD (varies depending on brand and model)
  3. Once on CABLE/CATV/STD, please test if more channels are available (channels above 13).  If the TV is on CABLE/CATV/STD but there is no change in the available channels, please continue to Solution 2

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Completing a channel scan

After setting your TV to CABLE/CATV/STD, it may be necessary to complete a channel scan so that the TV can “learn” what channels are actually available.


Channel Scan should be an option in your televisions settings menu but this will vary by brand and model. If you are unable to find the option in your TV’s menu, please consult the manufacturer’s operation manual for your specific model of television.


For additional troubleshooting tips please see our TV troubleshooting FAQs.

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