Check the below list to see if you have a piece of hardware that needs to be returned - if your hardware is older and isn't on this list you can just recycle it. See our partner EPRA for local recycling guidelines.

When you return hardware from this list, make sure to include remotes and cables in the return package. 

If you need a new return label, see our guide on returning your Shaw equipment. 

Internet Equipment

To find out if you need to recycle or return your modem - check the list of equipment below. You'll need to return any of these if you're swapping or returning equipment. If you have a unique multi-step set-up from Shaw, your Shaw agent will let you know to return it when you contact us.

TV Equipment

There's a few pieces of Shaw cable equipment that you'll need to return instead of recycling. All of the below will need to be returned to Shaw via Canada Post with a shipping label.

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