If you use a shared or public computer or need easy access to email while you're travelling, you might make good use of Shaw Webmail. You can use it to send and receive email from any web browser.

Shaw Webmail Features

There are a number of features that you can use with Shaw Webmail which include:

  • Contacts: Add, delete, and manage your webmail contacts.
  • Calendars: Webmail's built-in calendar for scheduling meetings, events, and more.
  • Email Filters: Automatically sort and filter your emails as you receive them.
  • Email Forwarding: Share emails with friends and family.
  • Tags: Organize your inbox with tags for easy email management.
  • Auto Reply: Automatically reply to emails while on vacation or away from your desk
  • Spam Filters: Manage the strength of your spam filter based on your preferences

Webmail Setup

Using Webmail is as easy as creating a Shaw email address and logging in to Webmail with your username and password.

To get started, read How To: Create a Shaw email address using My Shaw.

Webmail Setting and limits

You can have up to 10 @shaw.ca email addresses with your Shaw Internet service. For each email address you create, you get:

  • 1 GB of email storage
  • Emails size limits up to 20 MB
  • Up to 2000 address book entries

To find out how much storage you're using, log in to Webmail and look at the bottom of the window. 

Webmail Troubleshooting

Need help troubleshooting Shaw Webmail? Read the following support articles:

How To:   Change your Shaw Webmail Password

How To:   Recover deleted emails in Shaw Webmail

Using Webmail with a Mobile device

You can use Webmail wherever you are, by visiting https://webmail.shaw.ca in your mobile device's web browser.

Shaw Webmail Frequently Asked Questions

The three most common questions are:

  • How do I change my Webmail Password?
  • How do I set up an email signature in Shaw Webmail?
  • How do I delete emails in Shaw Webmail?

Find answers to these and other common questions in the Shaw Webmail FAQ.

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