This article tells you everything you need to know to connect your WiFi modem to Shaw Internet services. The following instructions apply to the Hitron CGNM-2250, Cisco DPC 3848V, Cisco DPC 3825, and Arris SBG6782 WiFi modems. If you are setting up a Shaw Fibre+ Gateway modem, please select your model from the menu here.

If you need answers to other common Self Connect questions, our Self Connect FAQ article has you covered.

Before you begin

Please completely remove any plastic wrapping from your WiFi modem.

What’s included

A power cord, coax cable, and ethernet cable are included with your modem. If something is missing from your kit, let us know. A 2-way splitter is not included but can be requested.

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Watch and learn

Connecting your Shaw WiFi modem

It’s best to use the same location and coax outlet where your old modem was connected to ensure you’re using an active outlet in your home to activate your new modem. If you wish, once your new Shaw WiFi modem has been activated, you can move it to a location more central to where the internet service is most used in your home.

To connect your Shaw WiFi modem:

  1. Attach one ende of the coax cable to your modem and the other to a coax cable outlet.
  2. Attach the power cord from your modem into the electrical outlet.

Activating your Shaw WiFi modem

Once the coax and power cables are connected, your modem will activate automatically. The activation process can take up to 15 minutes. It's done when the first four lights have turned solid.

Note: If the lights continue to blink for more than 15 minutes and do not become solid, you might have connected your modem to an inactive coax wall outlet, or there might be a signal issue on the coaxial cable or outlet. Try using a different coax outlet and remove any cable splitters. If you don't have another outlet and you still can't activate your modem, please contact us.

You may now move your modem to a move ideal location (like from the basement to a central location in your home). After moving your modem, if you don’t see the first four lights on your modem turn solid with 5 minutes of being connected to the new outlet, it may be inactive. Move your modem back to the original location and contact us if you would prefer to have the modem moved to the new location.

Connecting your devices to WiFi

  1. Find your WiFi network name (SSID) and password (WiFi Key) on a sticker on your modem.
  2. Open each device's WiFi settings.
  3. Select your WiFi network name from the list of available networks.
  4. Enter your network password.

If you need assistance connecting your devices to your new WiFi network, please consult your device manufacturer's support services.

Frequently asked questions

Where should I place my modem?

Ideally, you should place your modem in a central location in your home or central to where the internet service is most commonly used, out in the open, and raised off of the ground. Avoid placing your modem in basements, in cabinets, or behind other objects. To avoid WiFi interference, try to keep your modem away from household appliances, metal or stainless steel objects, and electrical equipment.

My activation failed — is there anything else I can try?

The most common answer to this issue is that you've connected your modem to an inactive coax wall outlet. Try using a different coax outlet, if available. If another outlet isn’t available or it still doesn’t work there, you will need to contact us.

There are two SSIDs or network names on my modem — which one should I use?

Some Shaw WiFi modems broadcasts both 2.4GHz (SSID-2.4) and 5GHz (SSID-5) frequencies.  For connected devices that support both frequencies, 2.4GHz offers better range or coverage while 5GHz delivers faster speed. We recommend using 2.4GHz for devices that frequently move around your home and 5GHz for those that are more stationary — especially if they will be streaming video.

How can I wire my modem and TV Player to the same coax outlet?

If you have two devices that need to share the coax outlet, you’ll need a 2-way splitter and 3 coax cables. Attach one cable to the wall outlet and splitter port labelled IN. Attach each of the other two cables to an OUT splitter port, and then to your TV player and modem.

BGM splitter diagram 3.png

How do I change my WiFi name and/or password?

Find out how to change both your WiFi name and password here.

Need to return some equipment?

A return shipping label should be provided in your kit. For instructions on how to return equipment to Shaw, including if you need a return shipping label provided to you or if you are moving, see How To: Return Shaw equipment. 

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