Learn how to manage BlueCurve Pods on your home network. Pods can be renamed or removed at any time using BlueCurve Home. This can be helpful if you're troubleshooting or relocating a Pod to a different spot in your home.

How to rename BlueCurve Pods

  1. Open BlueCurve Home(mobile app or web portal).
  2. Select Network (mobile app) or Connect (web portal).
  3. Select See Network.
  4. Select the Pod that you'd like to rename.

    BlueCurve Home app: Select Pod
  5. Select Edit at the top-right.

    BlueCurve Home app: Edit Pod

  6. Select Pod Name, enter a new name for your Pod, then select Apply Changes.

    BlueCurve Home app: Edit Pod Name
  7. Your Pod has now been renamed.

    BlueCurve Home app: Pod Renamed

How to remove BlueCurve Pods from your home network

  1. Make sure the Pod is unplugged from power.
  2. Open the BlueCurve Home app.
  3. The app will let you know that the Pod is offline with a message at the top.

    BlueCurve Home app: Pod Offline Message
  4. Select Network.
  5. Select the Pod that is showing Offline.

    BlueCurve Home app: Select Offline Pod
  6. Select Remove Pod.

    BlueCurve Home app: Remove Pod

  7. Select Remove Pod again to confirm that you'd like to remove it.
  8. The Pod is now removed and is no longer part of your home WiFi network.

    BlueCurve Home app: Pod Removed

Repeat the steps above to remove additional Pods. Or, follow Setting up and activating BlueCurve Pods to add Pods to your home.

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