With the downtime scheduler in Ignite HomeConnect, you can automatically pause Internet access on a schedule that works for your home. Set a schedule for bedtime, homework, dinner, or anytime you want. Up to four schedules can be set per day of the week.

Set a downtime schedule

You can set a downtime schedule for any custom profile with devices assigned to it. All devices on the profile will pause at the times you choose, so make sure only the devices that you want to pause are assigned to that profile. You can create multiple profiles to set separate schedules for different devices.

  1. Open Ignite HomeConnect.
  2. Create a Profile and assign devices to it. If you already have a profile created with devices assigned, you can use that.
  3. Select the profile settings button at the top right, then choose Create a Downtime Schedule.
  4. Choose an icon to help identify the type of schedule, and give it a name.


  5. Set the days and a time range for your schedule. Note: You can choose one or more days of the week. Up to four schedules can be set for the same day, if you're using multiple downtime schedules.


  6. Select Apply. It may take a few minutes for the scheduled times to be updated.

Your set downtime schedules will show up under the associated profile in Ignite HomeConnect. During downtime hours, you can select a profile and then choose Wake Up to un-pause all devices until the next scheduled downtime.

Learn more: Ignite HomeConnect FAQ - Downtime scheduler

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