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BlueCurve Home FAQ

What is BlueCurve Home?

BlueCurve Home is a digital dashboard to manage your home WiFi network and connected home.

What can I do with BlueCurve Home?

You can use BlueCurve Home to personalize your WiFi network, view network activity, set parental controls, troubleshoot connections, access advanced settings, and more.

Am I eligible to use BlueCurve Home?

If you're a Shaw Internet subscriber with a BlueCurve Gateway, you can access the BlueCurve Home experience at no additional cost through a mobile app or website. Don't have a BlueCurve Gateway? Click here to learn how to upgrade.

How do I access BlueCurve Home?

The best way to use BlueCurve Home is through a mobile app (Apple App Store or Google Play). You can also access BlueCurve Home online using a laptop or desktop computer at internet.shaw.ca.

Learn more: Getting started with BlueCurve Home

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