Learn how to use Bedtime Mode with BlueCurve Home. With Bedtime Mode, you can pause Internet access based on a schedule that works for your home.


Video Tutorial: How to use Bedtime Mode with BlueCurve Home

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Set Bedtime Mode

Bedtime Mode works on a schedule of your choice, and will pause all devices in a selected profile. Ensure that only the desired devices are assigned to the selected profile. You can create multiple profiles if needed.


  1. Open BlueCurve Home (mobile app or web portal).
  2. Select the Profile you want to set Bedtime Mode for. Note: You may also select a device and set Bedtime Mode from there. Doing so will apply the same Bedtime settings to all devices in the associated profile.

    BlueCurve Home app: Select Profile


  3. Scroll down to Profile Settings, then select Edit next to Bedtime Mode.

    BlueCurve Home app: Edit Bedtime Mode


  4. Choose School Nights and/or Weekend Nights, then choose your desired Sleep and Wake times.

    BlueCurve Home app: Bedtime Mode > Sleep and Wake Times


  5. Select Apply Changes. It may take a few minutes for the Sleep and Wake times to be updated.
  6. During set bedtime hours, you may select a profile and then choose Wake Up to un-pause all devices until the following night.

    BlueCurve Home app: Bedtime Mode > Wake Up

Learn More: BlueCurve Home FAQ - Bedtime Mode 

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