This article covers some of the most commonly asked questions about third-party support. While Shaw is committed to providing the best service to our customers, we no longer can provide support for non-Shaw related issues.

Note: Information about products not manufactured by Shaw, or independent websites not controlled by Shaw, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Shaw assumes no responsibility with regard to the use of third-party websites or products.


What is considered third-party support?

Third-party devices and services are those not directly offered by Shaw. For example, Shaw may provide you with email services, but Shaw did not provide you with your mobile phone and, therefore, cannot provide support for email issues related to your phone.

While not comprehensive, this is a general list of devices and services Shaw cannot provide support for:

Not supported by Shaw:

Email clients Range extenders
Browsers (plug-ins, addons, settings) Smart homes
Video conference software Network drivers
VPNs Home networking
Routers VoIP
Smart TVs Viruses, spyware, malware
Mobile Devices Switches and hubs
In-home media sharing Game consoles
Other smart devices LAN gaming
Antivirus software Wireless printers


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Third-party support FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions on the scope of Shaw support.

You’ve helped me before with my third-party device. Why has your policy changed?

We want to ensure that our customers receive the best possible support for their third-party hardware and software by speaking with the experts in it. Simply put, our agents are not trained in supporting third-party equipment and software. The best way to resolve your non-Shaw related issue is to leverage support from the third-party brand.

Where can I find the support and answers that I need?

Many answers can be found free of charge on third-party support sites and forums. We have compiled a list of common third-party support resources.  Reminder that Shaw assumes no responsibility with regard to the use of third-party websites or products.

Is Shaw no longer providing technical support?

Shaw will continue to provide you with troubleshooting and support with accurate information related to your Shaw services. For non-Shaw support issues, we will do our best to refer you to the proper third-party experts for the best experience with their software and devices.

Does Shaw provide support to set up new email accounts on email clients?

No, third-party email clients are out of scope. We can provide you with Shaw’s email server settings and other Shaw related email support.

“But it’s your email...”

We are happy to support access to and use of our email addresses. If you can successfully log in and send/receive email through our site, then your Shaw email address is working and the issue is with your email client. To troubleshoot challenges with a third-party email program, we recommend reaching out to the email software provider for further assistance.

Does Shaw provide support to set up my new mobile phone?

No, as mentioned above, your mobile phone is a third-party device. We continue to provide you with our email server settings and other Shaw related email support, but for device setup or specific troubleshooting you will be be referred to third-party support resources.

Does Shaw provide support for setting up smart homes?

No. We’ll support installation and troubleshooting of your Shaw Internet, TV, and Phone services to ensure they’re working at an optimal level. Support requests for third-party devices or configurations that enable smart home features will be referred to the device manufacturer.

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