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Shaw Go WiFi vs. ShawOpen and other SSIDs

Learn about the differences between Shaw Go WiFi, ShawOpen, and the ShawPasspoint technologies. Shaw Go WiFi allows you to stay connected no matter where you are through our WiFi network, and the name of the network may change based on your device, o... Read more

How To: Connect to Shaw Go WiFi as a Guest

Shaw Go WiFi is now available to everyone, with or without Shaw services. Guests can now register their device for a seven day complimentary trial to the ShawOpen network, with the option to register again after your trial period ends. Looking to con... Read more

How to: Connect to ShawPasspoint SSID

The ShawPasspoint network (SSID) allows for easier registration by installing a profile on your Apple device. This allows you to register for Shaw Go WiFi from any location with an Internet connection, without having to be physically near a hotspot. ... Read more

Shaw Internet Services FAQ

Learn more about Shaw Internet services with our frequently asked questions. Where can I find a list of Shaw’s Internet plans? You can view all of Shaw’s Internet plans here. What are the Internet speeds offered by Shaw? Shaw currently offers the fol... Read more

Shaw Go WiFi Finder App FAQ

Download the Shaw Go WiFi Finder app to discover all the hotspots around you. With Shaw Go WiFi, you can extend your Internet experience beyond your home into public areas such as malls, parks, coffee shops, restaurants and gyms. Find the Shaw Go WiF... Read more

How To: Remove a Shaw Go WiFi device

If you previously registered a device so it could be used with Shaw Go WiFi hotspots, you can manage your devices using the My Shaw website or the My Shaw app (Apple App Store | Google Play Store). Remove a device using the My Shaw website To remove ... Read more

How To: Rename a Shaw Go WiFi device

As a Shaw Internet customer, you can give each of your devices registered for Shaw Go WiFi a unique nickname. If you wish to rename your registered devices, visit the My Shaw website or download the My Shaw app (Apple App Store | Google Play Store). ... Read more

Shaw Internet Troubleshooting FAQ

Find answers to commonly asked questions about WiFi connectivity, network issues, and how to improve download speeds. Frequently Asked Questions My Internet isn't working — is there an outage in my area? An outage can cause a disruption in your Inter... Read more

How to connect Harmon-Kardon Invoke (Cortana) to WiFi

Learn how to connect your Microsoft Cortana assistant to your Shaw in-home WiFi. The Harmon-Kardon Invoke is a voice-activated speaker featuring Microsoft Cortana's intelligence. This article will provide insight into:How to connect Cortana to in-hom... Read more

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