BedTime Mode & Active Time Limit Not Working


I set up two profiles for my two kids.  I set up BedTime mode and Active Time Limit specifying pause devices once the limit is reached. These features worked for a couple days and stopped working altogether - the pause would turn off on its own, same for the BedTime mode.  The time limit is still there but it is not doing anything since the pause is turned off.  Why?  I made an effort to upgrade the modem to BlueCurve because of these "awesome" parental controls.  It's a waste of my time (and the extra rental I paid for this modem) if they don't work.

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Re: BedTime Mode & Active Time Limit Not Working

Shaw Squad

Hey there juicebox‌:

Sounds like the Parental Controls aren't firing for some reason, although it's odd that it was working at first and then stopped after a bit.  I'd recommend trying a couple of things to try and get to the bottom of this.

1) Make a 'test' profile and add one of your own devices to it, like a tablet or something else that's not your primary device. Once the profile and device are active, try playing around with those same settings to see if the features like Time Limit or Bedtime work like they're supposed to on this new profile, like setting a bedtime for 5 minutes in the future and seeing if the wifi to the device disables like it's supposed to.  If it's working on another profile, then the settings and functionality are likely solid.

2) Try removing those limits from your kids' profiles and re-adding them from scratch; that should re-initialize the settings and they should kick in normally.

Let us know how those go!

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