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Shaw Mobile # of rings before voicemail

My phone seems to only ring 2-3 times before sending caller to my voicemail, I need to increase the number of rings as it currently doesn't give me enough time to answer. phone is Alcatel go flip 3 Read more

Call forwarding

Helloanyone have issues turning call forwarding on? I signed up a few months ago and purchased a brand new iPhone 12 from Shaw. I’ve never been able to activate call forwarding. When it turn it on I get promoted for the number, I put the number in to... Read more

problems with shaw mobile

Hi,I am on the unlimited talk and text pan. No data. I have 2 problems:1. Group text messages come in as files that I mostly can't download and see. Once I could download them and see them, but I am not sure how I managed that as I have not done that... Read more

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