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Voice while roaming

My elderly father is traveling and added a roaming package with voice, text, data however he cannot make calls nor can I call him. His phone is not in airplane mode but says no service. How do we fix this???He is in the USA so not overseas and does n... Read more

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Pixel 7 Wifi Calling Issues

Has anyone had trouble enabling wifi calling on the Pixel 7? Whenever I try I just get a blank white screen where you'd usually see the wifi calling agreement. I've tried all the support items including resetting the network settings with no luck. Sh... Read more

Shaw Mail / iPhone Mail Rules

So when an email is sent to my shaw address does it first go to Shaw and then forwarded to my phone or does it go to both at the same time. I have been setting filtering rules on my webmail account and wonder if they will then block messages going to... Read more

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