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Changing the Main Phone Number on Account

I first got a Shaw Mobile account because I needed to get my 13 year old son a phone and the prices were good. I later decided to move all of my phone lines (4) over to Shaw Mobile, but I am unable to change the main phone number on file to my phone.... Read more

iPhone 8 connection issues

So my elderly father currently uses one of my old iPhone 8's as his own personal phone. No data included. Overall no major issues EXCEPT when he tries to call either one of my siblings or some of his friends off his phone. All of those calls goes str... Read more

Shaw Exchange email broken

I just bought a new Pixel 8 phone and set it up the same as my Pixel 3. I use Exchange email settings so that all email, contacts, calendars and tasks are synchronized. I have used the same settings on my Windows and Linux desktops, two iPads and mul... Read more

Lost my number during porting :(

I had two numbers in Public Mobile: mine and my wife's. I decided to move them to Shaw.I ported my number yesterday. Not easy, Shaw re-submitted the request 2 times. But as a result, the number was ported successfully.And I decided to port my wife's ... Read more

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