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Connect Iphone to shawpasspoint or showopen???

Just got a different Iphone and I have not been able to connect to shawpasspoint or shawopen. I have removed my former iphone from my account and added the new one. However, I am not able to connect to neither. Any help will be appreciated. Read more

No incoming voice/text in Nationwide Network

Few days ago, I activated the Shaw Mobile at home through online chat.After porting was completed smoothly, I swapped the sim from Koodo to Shaw Mobile.Tried to test out calls and messages and found outgoing voice/text is okay but no incoming voice/t... Read more


Scam calls

My family and I have been receiving different scam calls from Canada and US every day since we have switched to Shaw mobile at the beginning of the year. We are feeling very annoyed and not sure what to do other than switching service provider. Read more

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