In just a few easy steps, install your BlueCurve TV Player and enjoy voice-powered TV. The following installation instructions apply to both the XG1v3 and XG1v4 models of the BlueCurve TV Player.

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Connection Instructions


  1. Get started
    1. Write down the BlueCurve TV Player’s serial number (SN) and your Shaw account number.
      • The SN is located at the back or the bottom of the BlueCurve TV Player. Look for either SN or Host SN.
      • To find your Shaw account number, look at the white sticker on the shipping box. Above your address, you will see the eleven (11) digit Shaw account number in this format, xxx-xxxx-xxxx.

  2. Hook up the BlueCurve TV Player
    1. Place the BlueCurve TV Player in a visible, well-ventilated area near the TV, an electrical outlet and a coax cable outlet. If you plan to hide the BlueCurve TV Player, you can do so after it is activated.
    2. Connect the BlueCurve TV Player to cable with one of the following options:
      • If you are connecting the BlueCurve TV Player and a Shaw modem to the same cable outlet:
        • Connect one end of coax cable to a coax cable outlet and the other end to the IN port on the splitter.
        • Connect a second coax cable to the splitter and to CABLE IN at the back of the BlueCurve TV Player.
        • Connect a third coax cable to the splitter and the modem. Turn on the TV.
      • If you are only connecting the BlueCurve TV Player to its own cable outlet:
        • Connect one end of the coax cable to Cable In at the back of the BlueCurve TV Player and the other end into a coax cable outlet.
        • Turn on the TV.
    3. Connect the HDMI cable into HDMI Out to TV at the back of the BlueCurve TV Player and into the HDMI input on the TV. Make note of which HDMI port you selected on your TV.
    4. Connect the power supply into the back of the BlueCurve TV Player. Do not plug it into the electrical outlet.
    5. Pull the plastic tab out from the back of the BlueCurve TV remote.

Note: If you have more Shaw equipment to install, connect it now. Please wait until the next step before you plug the equipment into an electrical outlet.

  1. Contact Shaw to activate the BlueCurve TV Player
    1. Call 1-844-574-7429 or chat with us at (6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. MST.)
    2. You will be asked to plug the power supply into the electrical outlet.
    3. If Welcome does not appear on the TV screen within one minute, press the Source or Input button on the TV remote to find the HDMI input you selected in step 2.c.
    4. Follow the onscreen prompts to choose your language, name the BlueCurve TV Player and set up the BlueCurve TV remote.
    5. In a few moments, you will see programming.

  2. Check your settings
    1. On the BlueCurve TV remote, press the Shaw button. Then use the arrow button to select Settings and press OK. Go to Device Settings and press OK. Go to Video Display and press OK. Press OK on Video Output Resolution.
    2. Choose the setting that says Best Available and press OK. Press Exit to finish.

At any time, you can contact Shaw for help by chatting with us at, through My Shaw App or by calling 1-844-574-7429.

You’re good to go. Enjoy your shows!

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Helpful tips

How do I use my BlueCurve TV voice-powered remote?

Press and hold the microphone button. Once the word Listening appears onscreen, talk into the BlueCurve TV remote. Be sure to hold the microphone button down until you finish speaking.

How can I access my Netflix and YouTube accounts?

Using the BlueCurve TV remote, press and hold the microphone button and say either, Netflix, or YouTube, sign-in with your username/password and follow any onscreen instructions that appear.

Returning old equipment?

Please return your old equipment as soon as possible to avoid any unreturned equipment charges.

  1. Place the old equipment and power supply into a sturdy cardboard box. Ensure there is cushioning material around it.
  2. Seal the box and affix the shipping label provided.
  3. Keep the tracking number for reference.
  4. Drop off at any Canada Post mailbox or outlet.

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