Looking for information about service outages? Learn more about Shaw service updates and outages including how to sign up for outage notifications with our frequently asked questions. You can keep up to date with service outages in your area, by following the space specific to your area/region. Learn more: How To: Subscribe to Service Updates & Outage notifications

Service Updates & Outages FAQ

Here are some common questions asked about service updates and outages,

What is a service outage?
Simply put, a service outage is a period of time when services are unavailable for a given region.

Why is there a service (Internet, TV) outage in my area? What causes service outages?
Service outages can be a result of regularly scheduled maintenance by us for your area as we look to provide a high level of service to our customers. Service outages can also be caused by faulty equipment, unscheduled maintenance, power outages or network connectivity issues.

How can I find out about service outages in my area?
To view current service outages for your account, log in to http://my.shaw.ca or through the My Shaw app. Download the My Shaw app today. (You will see a banner if there is currently an outage impacting your area).


 My Shaw Outage Notification Banner (Desktop view)

To keep up-to-date with service outages in your area, you can follow the space specific to your area/region. Visit How to subscribe to outage notifications for additional information. To see activity for your region please visit our main Service Updates page and click on your region.

How long do service outages typically last?
The length of a service outage may vary depending on the type of outage it is. We strive to keep outage durations to a minimum as our goal is to have your service up and running as quickly as possible.

How do I know if this is a planned outage?
Planned maintenance is typically done overnight to reduce the impact on our customers. We try to post alerts in advance for high-impact planned maintenance on the Service Updates page.

What is a planned outage?
A planned outage is a result of scheduled maintenance that we must complete to perform updates or preventative maintenance to our systems. The maintenance helps ensure that our services stay problem-free and provide our customers with reliable Internet, cable, and phone services. We appreciate your patience during planned outages. Our goal is to have your service up and running as quickly as possible.

I was watching the big game and the channel went out. Why did this happen? Is this a result of a service outage?
Channel outages could be related to an issue with the feed that we receive from the broadcaster, or there may be technical issues affecting your equipment. We post service alerts when there are major channel issues affecting our customers, so if you don’t see one posted, you may be able to resolve the issue through basic TV troubleshooting.

How do you estimate the restoration time for services to be back up?
The amount of time it takes to resolve a service issue can vary based on a number of different factors and is often based on the severity of the issue. For example, a fibre cut can take several hours to repair, and a service interruption caused by a power outage is dependent on how long it takes to restore power first. For this reason, we often cannot provide an exact ETA.

I used to watch a specific channel and now it appears to be gone. Why is this?
This could be a result of changes made by the network, licensing changes, or popularity/demand. In some cases, networks will rebrand their channels or in other instances, the channel is simply discontinued. This is often a result of the decision of the supplier and is not a Shaw decision. Please visit our Service Tips and Announcements for the latest changes.

The Service Alerts and Outage page says my outage has been resolved but my services still aren't working. What do I do now?
The first step will be power cycling your Shaw equipment. See our How to: power Cycle your Shaw equipment page for more.
After power cycling, if your services still aren't working see our troubleshooting FAQs:

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