Learn more about testing your Internet speeds and running a Shaw speed test with these Frequently Asked Questions.  If you've wondered how upload and download speeds affect your use and enjoyment of the Internet, learn more below.

Speed Test FAQs

Use the information below to learn more about Internet speed tests and running a Shaw speed test.

Why am I not getting the speeds that match my Internet plan?

Several factors can affect your Internet speed. In order to properly diagnose your problem, you can perform an Internet speed test. This will help you figure out if the problem is with your device or connection.

What is a speed test?

A speed test lets you check your Internet speeds in real-time, including download and upload speeds. You can use this information to check if you’re getting the speeds in your plan.

Where can I get a speed test?

You can test your speeds at https://speedtest.shaw.ca.

Does it matter what location or server I choose for my test?

Shaw Speedtest will automatically choose the server closest to your location for its test. While you should stick with the default, if you want to check if there’s a closer location, you can use the drop-down menu to select a new location.

Can I use WiFi to test my speed?

With WiFi, there are several factors that may interfere with your speed test, such as other devices that may cause interference with your network. For the best results, you should perform the test using a device plugged directly into your modem.

What factors would affect my speed test?

The following may interfere with your results:

  • Other (multiple) devices connected to your network
  • Any activity on the device besides your browsers, such as downloading a file
  • Streaming a movie or TV show
  • An out-of-date browser

How do I interpret my results?

Shaw Speedtest will calculate your ping, download speeds and upload speeds. Measured in milliseconds, your ping refers to the latency of your connection - the higher the number, the longer it takes to transmit data. Your download speed is how fast your network can receive data, while upload speed is how fast your network can transmit data.

What do I do if my results show speeds that match my Internet plan, but my Internet and WiFi are still slow?

Since the problem most likely lies with your device, the following methods may help improve your speeds:

  • Ensure your device and any software is up-to-date
  • Check your device for malware and viruses
  • Ensure your device has the appropriate WiFi technology as older Wireless-B/G/N models offer slower speeds
  • For the best WiFi speeds, connect your device to the 5 Ghz channel rather than the 2.4 Ghz channel
  • Move your modem/router to a more centralized and open area
  • Add Pods to your plan to extend your WiFi network, available at Shaw.ca BlueCurve Pods
  • Reboot your device

What do I do if my results show slower speeds compared to the speeds I should be getting with my Internet plan?

  • If your test results show slower speeds than expected, the problem may be with your connection. The following methods may help improve your speeds:
  • If you have a Gateway modem, you can use the Home app to see how many devices are connected to your network and disconnect unused devices
  • If you’re using a coax splitter, it may be damaged and needs to be replaced
  • Visit our Service Updates to check if there are any outages or interruptions in your area
  • Reboot your modem

Other Speed Test Resources

For more information on Internet speed or about speed test, refer to the following resources.  Please note that Shaw is not affiliated with these websites in any manner and provides this information for reference only.




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