If you also have Shaw Home services, you will receive a separate invoice for your Shaw Mobile service on an invoice date that is assigned when you activate service. You will receive a new invoice on this date each month that will include your monthly plan fees, MyTab, and Add-Ons for the next 30 days, plus any Pay Per Use charges or adjustments from the previous month.

Your First Invoice

Your first monthly invoice will include a different set of charges from your next invoices, including:

  1. Partial monthly fees for the days between your activation date and your first regular invoice date, plus any Pay Per Use fees from your usage on the same period
  2. Your regular monthly fees for the first full month, in advance
  3. A one-time Connection Fee

Viewing Your Invoice

We’ll send you an email notification to the email address we have on file when your monthly invoice is ready. You can also check your current balance directly by signing into My Shaw Mobile.

Making a Payment

We recommend setting up Auto Payment to avoid an additional $5/month charge for each active line on your account. If you have three active lines on your account, that’s saving $15 on your monthly invoice! You can conveniently set up Auto Payment directly in My Shaw Mobile.

You can make a one-time payment in My Shaw Mobile using:

  • Visa,
  • MasterCard,
  • American Express or,
  • Visa Debit.

On your credit card or banking statement, your payments for Shaw Mobile service will appear as a charge from Shaw Mobile.

Payments for Shaw Home services should continue to be made to Shaw Cablesystems.

Understanding your Credit Limit

Your account includes a credit limit that is usable for charges (billed and unbilled) incurred between monthly payment dates and adjusts as payments are partially or fully paid towards your balance. You will receive notifications informing when you are nearing your credit limit.

The longer you stay with Shaw Mobile, the larger your account credit limit will grow. If you reach your credit limit, your service will be temporarily suspended until you make a payment.

How to Dispute a Charge

Log in to My Shaw Mobile to review your usage and associated charges.

Contact us to discuss your disputed charges or to request historical usage and invoice records.

Paper Invoices

On your invoice issue date, an electronic version (eBill) of your invoice will be available for you to download and print within My Shaw Mobile. At this time, only your current invoice is viewable online. Please contact us if you require historical invoice records. Your secure electronic invoice is the fastest and easiest way to review charges on your account and helps reduce environmental impacts.

Contact us if you would like to switch from electronic invoices to mailed paper invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my billing period or invoice due date?

Your billing period and due date is automatically assigned at the time of service activation date and cannot be changed at this time.

Can I make a Payment Arrangement?

At this time, we do not offer alternate payment arrangements. Costs associated with your Postpaid service require full payment within 15 days of the date issued (as listed on your invoice).

Failure to pay within the posted due date will result in potential interest charges and may result in interruptions to your service.

A promise to pay may be possible in exceptional circumstances to offer an additional 7 days to make payments.

Do you charge by the minute or by the second for phone calls?

All Shaw Mobile plans include unlimited nationwide calling to phone numbers within Canada.

We charge by the minute when you're making a phone call not covered by your rate plan or when there is an additional Pay Per Use fee (e.g. long distance).

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