Shaw Mobile's network is compatible with a wide array of devices with many enhanced services available to them. Use our Device Compatibility Checker to check your device's compatibility on our network and with enhanced services.

Confirming Capability

The Shaw Mobile network supports the following bands throughout our coverage area:

  • Band 4 LTE (AWS1)
  • Band 4 3G (AWS1)
  • Band 13 LTE — Extended Range LTE (700 MHz)
  • Band 66 LTE (AWS3)

Band 7 LTE and Band 71 are deployed in select locations and may not be widely available in all markets.

For the best experience on our network, we suggest that your device supports Band 4 (3G and LTE), Band 13 LTE, and Band 66 LTE. Band 66 LTE provides access to our fastest LTE speeds. At a minimum, to be compatible with our network, Band 4 3G & LTE should be supported. To confirm compatibility of popular devices, we recommend checking our Device Compatibility Checker or your device manufacturer’s website.

Enhanced Services

Shaw Mobile offers an extensive suite of enhanced mobile services that are designed to improve your network experience and provide you with access to industry-leading technology. New devices purchased directly from Shaw are compatible with most of our enhanced services, however, it is important to us to extend these benefits to as many devices as possible, including those brought from other providers or purchased directly from a manufacturer.

Enhanced Shaw Mobile services include the following (click each service for more information):

Shaw cannot guarantee the compatibility of enhanced services on devices not purchased from us and information provided in this document is subject to change at any time.

Use our Device Compatibility Checker to check your device manufacturer, model name, and model number to confirm if your phone is compatible with our enhanced services.

Unlock Codes

If you have purchased your compatible phone elsewhere and wish to use it on the Shaw network, it must be unlocked.

If you purchased your phone before December 1, 2017, it may be locked to the service provider you purchased it from. If you're in doubt, bring your phone into any of our stores and we will evaluate it for you.

If your phone is locked, you will need to contact the carrier that it was purchased from, to obtain an unlock code so it can be activated on the Shaw network.

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