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Shaw Mobile Brand Sunset FAQ

General FAQ Service and Activation FAQ Account FAQ Starting July 21, 2023, we will begin reaching out to Shaw Mobile customers who have not yet transferred their mobile service to Rogers as part of the next phase of our migration campaign. Since our ... Read more

Wireless Public Alerting (WPA) FAQs

The Alert Ready system allows notifying authorities from federal, provincial and territorial governments to issue a wide range of public safety and emergency messages directly to your mobile device. To receive Wireless Public Alerting (WPA), your pho... Read more

Quick Answer: Can I suspend my Shaw Mobile account?

Yes! We have two options if you're looking to temporarily suspend your Shaw Mobile service. Note: For details on how to suspend your Shaw Internet, TV, or Home Phone service, click here. How to suspend your Shaw Mobile service Option 1: Vacation Pass... Read more

About: Secure Forms

Secure Forms provide an added layer of security to prevent fraud and reduce the potential for mishandling of sensitive credit card information. Shaw Mobile will send a secure link to customers via email, instructing customers to complete and submit a... Read more

About: BlackBerry Decommissioning Legacy Devices

As of January 4, 2022, BlackBerry will be decommissioning their legacy services. Devices running these legacy services and software through any carrier or Wi-Fi connections will no longer reliably function, including for data, phone calls, SMS and 9-... Read more

How To: Change your SIM Card in My Shaw Mobile

Shaw Mobile is dedicated to protecting you against fraudulent activity and unauthorized access to your personal and account details. To maintain your account safety and protect you from SIM Swap fraud, your SIM card can only be changed in My Shaw Mob... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Email to Text Service

The text to email/email to text service allows you to conveniently send and receive emails using text messages instead of using your cellular data. The recipient will receive your text message as an email and their email response will be received as ... Read more

Long Distance and Roaming

Shaw Mobile offers a variety of options to keep you connected while travelling throughout Canada, visiting International destinations and to make calls to International phone numbers. You may need to enable International Roaming in My Shaw Mobile. Na... Read more

Shaw Mobile: MyTab Program

Shaw Mobile’s MyTab program reduces the upfront cost when customers purchased a phone by taking advantage of our monthly payment structure to maximize savings. MyTab Eligibility Eligibility was determined by a credit check. Depending on your eligibil... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Accessibility Support

To address the needs and concerns of all our customers, Shaw Mobile provides the following services for customers with disabilities: Teletypewriter – TTY Service 7-1-1 IP Relay Service Directory Assistance Alternative Document Format For detailed inf... Read more

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